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A successful digital transformation based on a strong brand foundation

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Rebranding and storytelling

A dive into the story of William's bold transformation, where together we forged a powerful connection by redefining their brand and reaching unprecedented heights. With a solid foundation, pared-down buyer personas and an inspiring Golden Circle, we brought their passion for verandas to life through integrated approaches and RevOps.


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Our intense collaboration helped us win the prestigious title

"Brand of the Year 2023",

something we look back on with modest pride.




Willems, live smart.

You name it, we did it.

Paid advertising, SEO, SEA or Paid Advertising, Inbound Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Television Advertising, Radio Commercials, Print, Brochure, Roadside Posters, Print Media and it all started with a Rebranding.

CNIP is the One-Stop Shop for Willems.

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Strengthening a strong brand foundation

  • New look and style for Willems
  • The importance of a strong brand foundation for successful marketing efforts
  • The role of buyer personas and the Golden Circle in defining brand strategy

Inbound marketing and RevOps

  • Applying inbound marketing for Willems
  • Organising a well-organised RevOps structure
  • Implementing RevOps to drive business growth
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Brand makeover: visual and auditory

  • A new visual identity for Willems
  • Introducing an aural logo
  • Applying a consistent brand identity in the modern marketplace

Listen to the Willems jingle #sonicbranding


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  • Developing effective and attractive advertisements in the French and Dutch-speaking regions
  • Monitoring the impact of the campaigns on brand awareness and measuring growth
  • Charting results and statistics of the campaigns

By focusing on consistency, relevance and authenticity - we helped transform their online presence.



Bilingual approach

  • Roll out communications in both national languages
  • Roll out all marketing efforts bilingually
  • Reaching a wider target audience through a bilingual strategy

Willems as Brand of the Year 2023

  • Willems' recognition as Brand of the Year 2023
  • Our modest contribution to this success
  • The importance of collaboration and integrated strategies for achieving strong performance

Together with Willems Veranda's, we achieved success and Brand of the Year 2023, thanks to unity, powerful strategies and our shared passion for innovation. Strong together in a competitive market.


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