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Catch their eye

TV commercials are far more than just videos — they’re a way to broadcast who you are and what you’re all about to your target audience.

Attention spans are growing notoriously short, but a well-crafted commercial is the perfect opportunity to seize the moment and grab the viewer’s attention.

Whether you want a commercial for a new product launch, to run an awareness campaign for a social issue, or anything in between, we’ve got your back.

Let’s take your concept from idea to reality.




First, strategy

When you’re working on something like a television commercial, it’s easy to get carried away by a creative idea and forget to check that the concept behind it is backed by evidence.

At CNIP new media, we ensure that strategy is at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re digital marketers first and foremost, which means the basic marketing principles are never far from our minds. We’ll get right to the core of who your target market is and what they’re looking for — and continuously test our assumptions along the way.





Know who you’re really working with


Creating a television campaign is a big deal — it’s a huge investment into your business, and it can be an expensive mistake if you get it wrong. You need to know you’re working with professionals who know what they’re doing.

Direct contact

Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t use any middlemen. You’ll be liaising directly with our experienced in-house team throughout the process, ensuring you never have to doubt someone’s credentials.

Advertising experience

Our producers and directors have a rich history making commercials for film and television, and they can achieve the same results for you. Just check out our past strategies and concepts — we’ve helped several of our clients to become known across the nation.

The CNIP process

When you work with us on a commercial, you can sit back and rest assured that the
brightest minds in the business will be used to bring your concept to life.

Depending on the stage you are currently at, you have two options:

// Creating a concept from scratch as part of a larger marketing strategy //
// Implementing your existing branding in a commercial //

All this will be realised in the most efficient way possible, ensuring you get value for money.


Plus, working with us means:

Data-driven decisions

As much as we believe in creativity, we understand that all decisions should be informed by reliable data. Working with us isn’t a leap of faith; it's an investment into tried-and-tested methods.

Continuous optimization

We don’t believe in making a commercial and then saying “that’s that.” Instead, we’ll work with you to continually hone your marketing efforts and overall strategy.


Cutting-edge techniques

We stay up-to-date with the latest styles and trends in the industry to ensure your commercial always has the X-factor.



Your dream commercial is one phone call away

Our clients often don’t realize how well a commercial can encapsulate their brand until they see it right in front of them. Fortunately for you, that moment doesn’t have to be far away.

Contact us today to make an appointment with CNIP digital agency and get a taste of how we can create a commercial that works for you.