At CNIP, we believe that marketing means more than just running campaigns.
We provide services that grow your business in a comprehensive way.



Work together with our expertise

Growing with CNIP

The fastest, most profitable business growth possible



CNIP is more than just a marketing agency, it is a company focused on growing other businesses. We aim for realistic and sustainable growth by bringing all aspects of your business together with the common goal of profitable growth.

Our approach is dynamic and focused on the essential elements and pillars that determine the success of your organisation, especially in rebranding and business development. We offer a wide range of services and deliver strategies that grow with you, tailored to your specific needs, market and objectives.

Why settle for just one marketing agency when you can partner with a company that specialises in growth?

What can you expect?


  • More leads
  • Increased sales
  • More sales (& profits) year after year
  • More value in your market
  • Better brand awareness & reputation
  • Sustainable, scalable solutions & processes
  • Less risk



  • More customers
  • Better word-of-mouth advertising
  • Additional revenue streams
  • More sales to existing customers
  • Higher customer retention
  • Higher staff retention
  • More top talent

How we start customer relationships.

The 5-step partnership process

At CNIP, our clients will tell you that we work to fully understand your business before we make a proposal. We believe a partnership is an equal agreement that ensures a healthy long-term working relationship. At each step of our process, we decide together whether to move on to the next steps or not.

It all starts with a conversation between your team and ours. We will ask several questions to clearly identify your goals, challenges, vision and budget. We will also answer all your questions about CNIP.

The purpose of the discovery meeting is to have an in-depth conversation about your organisation, identify the challenges you face, quantify the impact on the organisation and determine whether we can help you.

During the next conversation, we will go over our initial findings from our previous conversations. Our aim is to confirm and clarify that we fully understand your needs. If we think we can help, we will start developing recommendations to solve your problems.

If we believe we can help solve your challenges, we draft specific recommendations that document how we can help. Our recommendations are based precisely on our conversations. We tailor each plan to the needs of your business.

We proceed to the proposal step when both teams determine that it is a good match and agree that the plan outlined will help solve your problems within your budget and timeframe. The proposal includes a clear set of deliverables and investment requirements to help guide your decision.

CNIP: a partner for life.

We still have clients with us from the day we opened more than 20 years ago. We are committed to helping you grow and we have the expertise to help you through every stage of growth.


Is CNIP the right partner?



Our team boasts over 20 years’ combined experience, making us the perfect partner when it comes to creating an actionable strategy.


From what you offer to the target audience in mind, no one business is ever the same. That’s why we offer each client a tailored experience.


In the world of business, customers, sales, and profits mean everything. We are 100% committed to your success from the start. 



Neem contact op via een van de onderstaande contactmethoden. Ons team streeft ernaar om vandaag nog  te reageren op uw aanvraag.



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9000 Gent

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