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Digital marketing puts your brand at the centre.


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A strong brand image is more than just visibility, it is about creating a lasting impression. We help you to be not only seen, but also remembered and appreciated.




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Hof van Cleve

Strategy & Social Media Marketing




We reach a global, dynamic and young audience to create and enhance an 'outstanding' community feeling through social media marketing.

Discover the Hof van Cleve case study

Hof van Cleve

Willems Verandas

Rebranding, Strategy & Marketing




We use various marketing techniques to attract more visitors to Willems' website to generate more quotation requests.



Ter Groene Poorte

Strategy & Digital Marketing




Delicious digital marketing and powerful digital ads boost student enrolments.


Ter Groene Poorte

Van Dender Chocolate

Rebranding, Strategy & Marketing




Herman Van Dender, chocolate manufacturer and culinary pioneer, found his unique shape and story with the logo and brand positioning of Van Dender Chocolate that now stands proudly on the market.


Kitchens Dekeyzer

Digital Marketing




With a new website, smart digital marketing and national television campaigns, CNIP is ensuring that the "Dekeyzer" brand becomes better known in Flanders and boosts showroom visits.



Ford Unicars

Digital Marketing 




Through SEO marketing, complemented by targeted social media marketing, CNIP aimed to strengthen brand awareness at the local level.



BMW Le Couter

Web Design / Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing




A complete SEO marketing that ensures BMW Le Couter, Lemmens - Le Couter gets into pole-position on Google every day. Google My Business optimisation, copywriting and creative design for the website, email, Facebook ads and Google ads is the fuel for their successful 'engines'.


BMW Le Couter

Fusing strategy, creativity and technology .

Grow with a clear vision!

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In-house certificates that allow us to make a difference.


Effectively reaching your target audience with innovative marketing solutions.

Our team strategically guides companies through the competitive market with the aim of optimisation. We use the latest technologies and innovations and always stay up-to-date so that we can react sharply to the competition.

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Measuring is knowing for sure.

Discover our comprehensive range of marketing audits, designed to help your business grow and build a strong online presence.

Choose from the following drop-down menu to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Strengthen your online presence with CNIP's Website Audit. We evaluate your website's speed, security and SEO to optimise performance and visibility.

Our analysis focuses on assessing load time, ensuring security against cyber threats, and identifying opportunities for better search engine optimisation.

Choose CNIP's Website Audit and take the first step towards an optimised online presence.

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Increase your impact on social media with CNIP's Social Media Audit. We evaluate your current strategy and performance to drive engagement and growth.

Our analysis focuses on assessing your presence on different platforms, measuring the effectiveness of your content and identifying opportunities to improve your reach and interaction.

Choose CNIP's Social Media Audit and take the first step towards a more powerful and engaging social media strategy.

Social media audit >


Optimise your marketing efforts with CNIP's Marketing Audit. We evaluate your current strategy and performance to achieve growth and competitive advantage.

Our analysis focuses on assessing your marketing mix, measuring the ROI of your campaigns and identifying opportunities to improve your brand positioning and customer engagement.

Choose CNIP's Marketing Audit and take the first step towards a more effective and results-oriented marketing strategy.

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What makes us different as a digital marketing agency?

Our mission as a digital agency is to help our clients achieve their business goals through innovation and excellent customer service. We believe that by continuously investing in new technologies and methods, we are able to improve our services and support our clients in achieving their ambitions.

Our focus is on customer centricity and providing excellent service and communication. Our objective is to grow together with our clients and excel in the digital world.

A unified digital agency approach.


We have developed a unique methodology that unifies all components of digital marketing and focuses on the only metrics that matter: your business results.

Our unique methodology allows us to bring the right experts into your account at the right time, with a holistic approach to marketing that considers SEO, website design and development, content marketing and digital PR, paid amplification, as well as creative design and customer experience design, and how they all come together to deliver results.

And as your company's marketing capability evolves, our role and the services we provide as a digital agency can evolve with it. We are the certified partner you are looking for.

As a Google and Hubspot Partner, we are confident of the excellent results we achieve for our clients. We create sophisticated, integrated marketing campaigns with clear direction and objectives, bringing all digital activities together in a unified, strategic methodology.

We take enormous pride in the work we deliver together with our clients: at the end of the day, our clients trust us and we take that extremely seriously. Yet we will always continue to challenge our clients, and they us! We are a digital marketing agency built on integrity and collaboration, and we intend to keep it that way.

We unite every area of our expertise around one strategic plan because we know that this approach produces results.

If we want to realise, see and tell success stories every day, it is only possible if we join forces to be strategic in the marketplace!




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