Whether you need a brand new website, want to update your existing site, or want to create landing pages that generate more leads, we can help.




All of our websites include:


Responsive design (fits every screen size automatically)

Custom photos & video

Lead capture forms & email capture integration

SSL certificate & ADA compliance tool

Premium hosting with a complete website backup

Keyword research & search engine optimization (SEO)

Complete content analysis

Sitemap submitted to Google

Analytics & conversion tracking


A new website and marketing tool in one?

Knock on CNIP digital agency's door, your specialist in HubSpot website development from Ghent.


Is your company ready for a new website?

Then opt for a multifunctional platform that is more than just an online showcase.

Make your website future-proof with CNIP digital agency.



Some website projects realised by CNIP


Willems Verandas

Hubspot CMS website combined with marketing automation. Lead machine linked to CRM marketing.

Website portfolio-1

Ter Groene Poorte

Hubspot CMS website combined with social media marketing. Optimising the website as a subscription conversion tool.

Website portfolio (1)

Dekeyzer kitchens

Website developed in Hubspot CMS. Linked to marketing automation and social media marketing. Content marketing through blogging and video content.


Fields of Ellis

Wordpress CMS website built from a template. API linked to a reservation module.


BMW Le Couter

A Hubspot website with links to digital marketing and social media marketing.

BMW Le Couter


So easy to customise that you think you have developed superpowers.


No Coding 

Built around the Hubspot CMS making it easy to create and optimise web pages.


Mobile Ready

Each page is responsive and designed to look great on all devices.


Unlimited Chat Support

Need help or have a question about using your website? Just a few clicks away from an answer.


Conversion Tool

Your website's number one job is to create leads that turn into customers. Your website is designed specifically for that purpose.



Training for your staff so that they can master the website from A to Z.


Looking for an expert in website development?

CNIP provides a fast and user-friendly solution.


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Full Drag-n-Drop

Gone are the days of knowing how to code or relying on someone who does to create and manage your marketing site, landing pages and email campaigns. Our websites are based on insanely flexible and customizable driving modules that you can drag and drop to create pages and easily optimize.


Infinitely adaptable

You have access to a lot of sophisticated customization options from the page editor. Select the background color of the rows, the text color, the spacing between the rows, how things animate and much more.



Just because you use a template system doesn't mean your website has to look like a template. Our websites are built with designers, like you, in mind. You have a great deal of control over style elements such as color, spacing, column sizes, shadows and much more.

No designer? No problem. Your team will think you are by using the Hubspot CMS.


Should you be satisfied with your current website?


Your website is beautiful but is it technically up to scratch?

Is it findable on Google?

Can it render better and, more importantly, how?

Analyse your website yourself. Fill in the details below. The website grader will provide you with a handy and understandable result.


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