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A Taste of Social Media Marketing.

Here’s how we launched a 3-star Michelin restaurant to 50k followers

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Meet the brand

Hof van Cleve is a world-renowned fine dining restaurant in Kruishoutem, Belgium. With 3 Michelin Stars, they’ve made a name for themselves with their locally sourced ingredients and imaginative takes on traditional Belgian food.



Their problem

The Hof van Cleve has had the highest reputation within the gastronomic world for decades. At the outset, every customer is absorbed in a culinary story that can be called downright sensory 'mind blowing'. The owners, Peter and Lieve Goossens also wanted this mindset translated into their digital communication to the outside world. Their request to us three years later proved nothing short of the truth: "Connect us with a much wider, younger target audience by building out a strong and high-quality online presence".


Our solution

We revamped Hof van Cleve’s digital marketing strategy by focusing on authentic storytelling and organic growth – no paid ads. This included consistent, relevant, and genuine content creation:

  • Featured posts on the newest dishes
  • Sharing their story and philosophy
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Engaging and personalized interactions with their audience


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Instagram followers


Monthly interactions


Monthly organic impressions


Hof van Cleve is now a leader in social media marketing for fine dining establishments. They’ve grown from practically zero impressions to an active, dynamic account with over 50k followers. This all-organic method has created a powerful connection with their following, brought in new customers, and set them on track to continually grow their audience worldwide.

By focusing on consistency, relevancy, and authenticity – we helped transform their online presence.

This all-organic method has created a powerful connection with their following, brought in new customers, and set them on track to continually grow their audience worldwide.


Hof van Cleve is a shining example of the importance of storytelling and the power of consistency in digital marketing for businesses globally.


Contact us today

Want to transform your social media presence and grow your brand just like Hof van Cleve? Contact us today to discover a strategy that works for you.


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Want to transform your social media presence and grow your brand just like Hof van Cleve? Contact us today to discover a strategy that works for you.

With an innovative social media marketing strategy, we make your culinary adventures shine on various social media channels. We follow charming paths through the world of gastronomy to tell your story. From the best restaurants to those with three Michelin stars, we make sure your unique experiences reach a wide audience through every relevant social media platform.


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All about social media marketing for starters

Social media marketing for beginners is all about creating an extra dimension for your product or service. Start by researching the best influencers and restaurants on LinkedIn to understand what resonates with their followers. Then build a community by posting interactive posts and answering questions from your followers. Use a content calendar to plan your posts and conduct regular analysis to see which strategies are most effective. This is how you develop a powerful social media presence.

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Here are our tips with some giveaways ;)

Starting out in business? Then do it right the first time

  • Figures and statistics
  • Checklist for your competitive analysis
  • Social media usage in Belgium (2023)

In Belgium in 2023, the use of own social media channels will have increased dramatically, with companies and individuals sharing between two to five social media posts a day, often with relevant content where the success lies in the detail.

  • Social media channels we run for you

When running your social media channels, we put a strong focus on Instagram, with four to 10 posts a week highlighting your restaurant. With a clever mix we used for Peter Goossens' culinary delights, we ensured constant interaction with your followers. At the same time, we use Twitter and Linkedin for one to three targeted campaigns per month, increasing interaction with others. All this is combined with frequent posts highlighting your restaurant's unique atmosphere, capturing the essence of your brand up to six to 17 times.

  • Choose the social media used by your target audience
  • Set clear goals for your social media strategy
  • Social media marketing strategy

A strong social media marketing strategy is crucial for entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in today's digital world. With the right strategy, you can put your restaurant on the map and build a loyal online community.

Our strategy starts with identifying the social media channels that are most relevant to your target audience. We carefully analyse which channels are most used by your potential customers and focus on them. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we make sure your restaurant is present on the platforms where your target audience is active.

Then we set clear goals for your social media strategy. Whether you want to attract more followers, increase brand awareness or generate more interaction with your target audience, we develop a strategy that suits your specific goals.

An important part of our strategy is to start collaborating with local influencers. These influencers have a large online following and can bring your restaurant to the attention of a wider audience. By using them, we increase the visibility and credibility of your brand.

To make sure your message comes across effectively, we focus on one target per platform. On Instagram, for example, we can focus on sharing beautiful photos of your culinary delights, while on Twitter and LinkedIn we can run targeted campaigns to increase interaction with other things.

It is also important to know the best time to post on social media. By understanding the behaviour of your target audience, we can ensure your posts are posted at the right time and generate maximum engagement.

With our social media marketing roadmap and mix of channels, we make sure your restaurant grows and thrives on social media. We regularly share news and handy tips compiled especially for you, so you are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the digital world.

With our social media marketing strategy, we make sure your restaurant becomes a strong online brand and builds a loyal community. Contact us today and find out how we can help you be successful on social media.

  • Start a collaboration with local influencers
  • Focus on one goal per platform
  • Respond
  • Grow your brand with social media marketing
  • What is the best time to post on social media?
  • Social media marketing roadmap
  • News and useful tips, especially for you
  • Social media Checklist
  • Define strategy
  • Community management tool
  • Mix of channels
  • 30 social media tips + bonus tips.