Are you choosing Hubspot as your CRM?

Then you make the bridge between sales and marketing. Because we provide company or project supporting content on websites, emails and social media.

CNIP digital agency continuously tracks their (potential) customers - long after they have spotted you posts. Marketing used to be relatively simple. You bombarded your audience with expensive ads and then (un)patiently waited for leads.



Consumers now choose when they want to buy something. They are always looking for relevant information to help them make their purchasing decisions.
You can capitalize on this by offering digital media content that answers all their questions. In this way you build a relationship of trust with your customer. You must continue to invest in that relationship if you want to build a sustainable and strong CRM.



Offer your consumer additional information in exchange for their information through the completion of a form. This allows consumers to access updates, inspiration or long sought after information that is important to them. 



Map out the customer journey in your CRM software. You know perfectly what you customer wants and what triggers him. Your sales department receives a list of leads full of relevant information. As a result, we not only measure the number of leads but especially the quality of the delivered leads. 



'Turn your customers into your ambassadors'. Inbound marketing uses social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing. Let this be just what CNIP is an expert in. We are ready to help you further.

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What does your customer do after he opens your email? Which web pages does he visit most often? We centralize all the data so that your sales department can work with it smoothly. This information teaches you when the customer drops out and when he enthusiastically clicks on. A wealth of information from which you get more leads.


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Take action and start building your inbound marketing . Your peers in the industry have already started it. What's still holding you back?


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Frequently asked questions about working with a HubSpot agency:
the top 10 questions answered!

1. What does a HubSpot agency actually do?

A HubSpot agency specialises in implementing and managing HubSpot, an all-in-one platform for marketing, sales and customer service.
They help companies make the best use of HubSpot to drive growth.

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2. How can a HubSpot software help my business grow?

A HubSpot agency has extensive knowledge and experience in using HubSpot.

They can develop strategies to generate leads, increase existing customer -engagement and increase sales. By working with a HubSpot agency, you can optimise your marketing and sales processes and take your business to the next level.

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3. What are the benefits of working with a HubSpot CRM agency?

A HubSpot agency can help you save time and effort when implementing and managing HubSpot.

They have the expertise to set up effective campaigns, generate advanced reports and analyse results.

They also have access to exclusive HubSpot training courses and resources, so you benefit from their extensive knowledge.


4. How do I choose the right HubSpot agency for my business?

When choosing a HubSpot agency, it is important to look at their experience, customer reviews and portfolio.

A good agency has a proven track record and can share references from satisfied customers. In addition, it is essential to look at their expertise in your specific industry or sector.

5. Can a HubSpot agency help set up an inbound marketing strategy?

Definitely! A HubSpot agency specialises in inbound marketing and can help you develop an effective strategy.

They can guide you in creating valuable content, optimising your website and setting up the best automated lead nurturing workflows.

6. What is the difference between a HubSpot agency and a HubSpot partner?

A HubSpot agency and a HubSpot partner are essentially the same thing. Both terms refer to companies that specialise in working with HubSpot.

However, a HubSpot partner can be classified as Diamond, Gold or Platinum, depending on their performance and number of customers. CNIP certified and a gold partner for Hubspot.


7. Can a HubSpot agency help me integrate HubSpot into my current systems?

Absolutely! A HubSpot agency has the expertise to seamlessly integrate HubSpot with your existing systems, such as CRM software, e-commerce platforms and other marketing tools.

They can help you set up data synchronisation, automatic workflows and optimise your marketing technology stack.

8. How long does it take to work with a HubSpot agency?

The duration of working with a HubSpot agency depends on several factors, such as the scope of your project and your specific goals.

It is important to make clear agreements in advance about the expected timeline and deliverables.

9. What are the costs of working with a HubSpot agency?

The cost of working with a HubSpot agency varies depending on the specific services and level of expertise you need.

It is advisable to get several quotes and compare prices and services from different agencies before making a decision.

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10. Can a HubSpot partner agency help me with my online marketing strategy?

Absolutely! A HubSpot agency can help you develop and implement an effective online marketing strategy.

They can advise you on social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing and paid advertising to increase your operations online visibility and conversions.


Bonus tip : Everything revolves around inbound marketing.

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Why Hubspot CRM system

It is a powerful all-in-one platform designed specifically for marketing, sales and customer service. As opposed to using several separate tools and systems, HubSpot offers an integrated solution that brings all your digital marketing needs together in one place.

For your information : CRM is customer relationship management. Hubspot also includes Hubspot sales hub. All this to support a marketing automation. It includes a genuine web content management system : the Hubspot CMS.

Why choose HubSpot over a mishmash of software? First of all, HubSpot offers seamless integration of all your online marketing activities. You can manage your marketing, sales and customer service processes on one platform and automatically synchronise data between different tools. This saves you time and effort, and allows your team to work more efficiently.

In addition, HubSpot software offers advanced analytics capabilities that give you insight into the performance of your marketing campaigns. With detailed reports and statistics, you can measure and optimise the effectiveness of your strategies. Moreover, HubSpot also provides valuable insights into your leads and customers, allowing you to conduct targeted marketing sales activities and service personalised marketing.

Another benefit of HubSpot is its extensive library of educational resources and training courses. When you choose HubSpot, you get access to a wealth of information and tools that can help you improve your online marketing skills and build successful campaigns. Moreover, HubSpot also offers an active community of users who share experiences and best practices.

In short, by choosing HubSpot instead of a mishmash of all kinds of software, you are investing in a powerful and integrated platform that allows you to manage all your marketing, sales and customer service activities. HubSpot allows you to grow your business by developing effective strategies and taking full advantage of advanced tools and analytics.


Top 10 global companies working with HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful all-in-one platform used by several leading companies worldwide to optimise their marketing, sales and customer service. Below is a list of the top 10 global companies working with HubSpot:

1. IBM

One of the world's largest technology companies, IBM uses HubSpot to streamline their marketing strategies and increase their customer base.

2. Microsoft

A well-known name in the technology industry, Microsoft uses HubSpot to manage their marketing campaigns and increase their customer engagement.

3. Coca-Cola

One of the world's most recognisable brands, Coca-Cola relies on HubSpot to support their marketing efforts and increase their brand awareness.

4. Adobe

A leading software company, Adobe uses HubSpot to integrate their marketing activities and improve their customer interactions.

5. Amazon

The world's largest online retailer, Amazon uses HubSpot to optimise their marketing strategies and boost their sales.

6. Spotify

Popular music streaming service Spotify relies on HubSpot to manage their marketing campaigns and grow their subscriber base.

7. Uber

As one of the world's largest ride-sharing platforms, Uber has implemented HubSpot to streamline their marketing efforts and improve their user experience.

8. Netflix

Leading streaming service Netflix uses HubSpot to optimise their marketing strategies and increase their customer retention.

9. Salesforce

As one of the most widely used CRM platforms in the world, Salesforce relies on HubSpot to integrate their marketing and sales processes and improve their customer relationships.

10. Airbnb

Popular online platform Airbnb uses HubSpot to streamline their marketing activities and expand their user base.

These top 10 companies are just a few examples of globally renowned brands using HubSpot to take their marketing, sales and customer service to the next level. With HubSpot, companies of all sizes can benefit from advanced tools and analytics to drive growth and build successful campaigns.


The ideal fit

HubSpot is ideal for a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large international enterprises. The platform offers numerous features and tools that can be tailored to the specific needs of any business. Whether you own an e-commerce shop, run a SaaS business, run a non-profit organisation, or operate in the service sector, HubSpot can help you optimise your marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

For e-commerce businesses, HubSpot offers the ability to create personalised marketing campaigns and send automated emails based on your customers' behaviour. Moreover, HubSpot's powerful analytics capabilities can help you gain insight into your customer data and discover which marketing channels are most effective in generating sales.

For SaaS companies, HubSpot offers advanced tools for lead generation and lead nurturing. You can create landing pages and forms to collect valuable information from potential customers and set up automated workflows to send them personalised messages at the right time. In addition, HubSpot's CRM functionality lets you manage your customer data and track the performance of your sales team.

For non-profit organisations, HubSpot offers special features to manage donations, recruit volunteers and increase supporter engagement. You can set up targeted email campaigns to solicit donations, promote events and send newsletters. Moreover, HubSpot's social media management tools allow you to strengthen your online presence and spread your message effectively.

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For service businesses, HubSpot offers the opportunity to share your expertise through valuable content marketing. You can create blogs, e-books and whitepapers to inform and inspire your target audience. In addition, HubSpot's social media tools allow you to share your content on various channels and interact with your target audience.

HubSpot is ideal for companies in different sectors and of different sizes. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, HubSpot can help you take your marketing, sales and customer service strategies to the next level and grow your business.


Hubspot includes Hubspot CMS, Sales hub, marketing automation and successfully using Hubspot for marketing automation is the right message for your digital marketing and online marketing. It is a total approach to marketing sales and service. The Hubspot platform does require onboarding but with the help of templates, implementation and development for generating leads through online marketing goes like the best. Converting leads is no longer a challenge through the separate hub you can choose. There is a hub for every component. By choosing the right hub, you actually start optimising and becoming more efficient. Of course, not to be forgotten is linking reporting and comprehensive analysis capabilities. Automate and control the market for that, you want software that gives you the best experience. It's not just about relationships and deals but software that brings connection between the deals and the profile you are looking for online. This is was Hubspot offers : Marketing hub and a service hub complete the picture. Because the service hub is still an important part of marketing sales and service.