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Digital marketing can be complex and disorderly.

A veritable jungle!

With more online users than ever before, digital marketing is rapidly outpacing more traditional methods of advertising.

From social media to search engines, emails to websites – every company has the potential to make the most of new, innovative ways to enhance their brand image, engage target audiences, and ultimately generate more sales.

However, many business owners are yet to start fully taking advantage of digital marketing for a plethora of reasons, including:

    //  Lack of expertise causing doubts and fears

   //  Heavy reliance upon word-of-mouth referrals

   //  Time constraints caused by inefficient manual outreach

…and perhaps most significantly,
numerous companies have not yet tapped into the power of digital because they simply do not know where to start.


Want to hear the good news, though?
CNIP digital agency is here to serve your every digital marketing need!

Since 2001, CNIP has helped hundreds of companies across Belgium reach their highest potential and enjoy long-term, sustainable growth.

How? Through the use of digital marketing and its many possibilities.

Specialising in a wide range of online tools and techniques, our team collaborates with companies of all sizes from the television industry to:


your #1 digital marketing expert.


So, whether your company is brand-new or looking to expand into the digital sphere,
CNIP offers customised marketing solutions with a guarantee for success.





Thanks to the digital era, companies can now reach their target audiences with speed and ease,
providing them with opportunities to grow and scale at unprecedented rates.

It can be tricky getting started with digital marketing, though, with online platforms, demographic breakdowns,
and consumer spending habits appearing to evolve on an almost daily basis.

Should I promote my company on Facebook or Instagram? How can I best target people aged 55+?
Why does my website have such high bounce rates?

Discover how we can provide answers
to your digital marketing concerns and queries (and more) below:


Almost everyone has an active email account these days, so why not make the most of engaging new and existing customers using this reputable marketing method? The CNIP team is ready and waiting to create an impactful advertising strategy, write engaging copy, and convert interest into sales.




As almost half of all consumers visit a company website before making a purchasing decision, now is the prime time to update (or perhaps even create) yours. Every digital platform built by CNIP is guaranteed to increase brand visibility, build consumer trust, and highlight the company’s offering.




Blogs, social media, websites – devising and distributing online content is a key feature of digital marketing. Formulated with a specific audience in mind, the overarching aim of content marketing is to attract target audiences, pique interest, and encourage consumers to make a buying decision.



Social media

The list of social media platforms seems to grow by the day – each popular among different demographics with varying interests. With the support of CNIP, companies can establish the most appropriate platforms, build a strategy, reach audience members, and publish data-backed content.


CRM inbound marketing

Say goodbye to soul-destroying cold calling and spam emails, and hello to results-driven inbound marketing. With the help of a CRM, companies can keep track of sales and marketing in parallel, enjoy open communication channels between departments, and plan for future growth.



Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a core element of digital marketing, responsible for ranking company websites higher in search engine results than those of their competitors. With SEO, companies can benefit from enhanced online exposure, higher organic traffic levels, lower marketing costs, and more sales.




What makes us different?

At CNIP digital agency, we go beyond the expectations of a typical digital marketing company.

Having collaborated with inspiring professionals from the world of television for 20 years now, our team loves nothing more than combining our knowledge of IT, passion for problem-solving, and ability to think creatively.

The result? Realistic plans devised and launched with success in mind.

Personal relationship

We promise a personal relationship – not a new Account Manager every three months.

Tailored digital solutions

Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide tailored digital solutions.

20 years experience

With over 20 years’ combined experience, CNIP works alongside industry leaders with confidence.


The CNIP team features handpicked professionals who understand the B2C market inside out.

Positive impact

Making a positive impact is extremely important (and the reason we instil trust from day one).

Delivering results

Forget about trial and error; CNIP guarantees to deliver results that convert leads into customers.

Quick & easy process

Interested in using digital marketing tools and techniques to elevate your company’s success?

Contact us and outline what your company does, its current marketing strategy, and any top priorities.

A member of our team will respond and schedule an initial consultation call to discuss your enquiry in detail.

Once we have written a proposal and received confirmation and a deposit from you, we can get to work!

Any questions?

Whether you’re seeking a brand-new website or looking for some assistance with email marketing, CNIP is here to help!

Get in touch via one of the contact methods below. Our team aims to respond to your enquiry today.



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