Want to grow online, but don't have the time or expertise to manage your social media channels yourself?




Termination on a monthly basis
Termination on a yearly basis


Content posts 3 times a week




and latest technologies at a smooth price.

Up to 2 social media channels

Account creation / optimisation

Post 3 times a week


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This is what you really want


Content posts 8 times a week




You are looking for the best.
We throw everything at achieving your goals.

Up to 6 social media channels

Social media audit

Account creation/optimisation

Posting 8 times a week

Social analytics dashboard

Account monitoring and engagement


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Content posts 4 times a week




For companies ready to optimise and a more dominant SMM approach.

Up to 4 social media channels

Social media audit

Account creation/optimisation

Posting 5 times a week

Social Analytics dashboard


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You fail to make yourself heard continuously.

You are not building a connection with your online followers.

Or you are active on the wrong channel.

Or you lack inspiration and therefore always tell the same story.

Or you don't notice any impact of your efforts.


CNIP is happy to take all social media concerns off your hands,
while you can focus more on your core business.

That way, you, too, will score high!


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Do you doubt whether your social media channels are being used to their full potential or do you have a suspicion that things could be better? We are happy to offer an expert analysis of your current efforts



We are happy to guide you through the ever-changing waters of your social media.

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So how should it be done?

Together with you, we will draw up a strategic up-to-the-minute marketing plan and work it out step by step, keeping the competitive market in mind.  The specialists at marketing agency CNIP will gladly make time to adjust your plan where necessary and implement it with the most professional apps available today.

A thorough analysis results in an accurate, transparent and perfectly applicable execution plan.  Spot-on messaging, professional videos and thought-provoking content. Result: an honest and strong corporate image that sticks in the memory of your network and that of your competitors.



Getting your business to score online

While CNIP creatively looks into your marketing across media channels.


You stay one step ahead of your competition.


You show yourself as the expert in the field.

customers first

You build a relationship with your customers.

social media marketing bureau

Our marketing agency takes care of your social media

First, we map out the company story with you. We see how together we can translate your vision into content. We analyse, brainstorm and adjust where necessary. So that your company has a marketing plan you fully support. Would you like us to take care of all the content on your social media? Videos, photos and text? Or would you rather let us launch advertising campaigns? You decide which role we can play.

Ons marketingbureau regelt jouw social media

Ja, je leest het goed: álle zorgen. Eerst brengen we samen met jou je bedrijfsverhaal in kaart. En dan bekijken we hoe we dat verhaal naar content vertalen. We doen voorstellen, pingpongen en sturen bij waar nodig. Zodat jouw bedrijf een marketingplan heeft waar jij volledig achter staat. Wil je graag dat wij voor alle content op je sociale media zorgen? Video’s, foto’s en tekst? Komt in orde. Laat je ons liever advertentiecampagnes opstarten? Ook prima. Jij bepaalt welke rol wij spelen.

Ready to conquer Facebook and co?

Marketing agency CNIP digital agency is ready to give your social media a boost.


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