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CNIP digital agency


CNIP digital agency


At CNIP, we turn your imagination into unique and effective campaigns, emails, photos and videos. As one of the fastest growing marketing and content companies, we maintain quality and purpose as our day-to-day standards. We use only the best and most modern tools to successfully drive your marketing. We attract attention, whether off-line, digitally and through traditional media such as television with spot-on videos that do not pass unseen. In short, at CNIP we redefine excellence both in advertising and in communication.

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Television, radio, video for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or your own website? Each platform has its specific users so each channel requires a separate or unique approach. CNIP helps you to come up with a perfect layout or approach for the publication of your content. Because in addition to a nice looking package, today's generation also wants to be captivated by relevant content that appeals to them ... And that is exactly what CNIP has focused on.


A brand identity that conveys your value of the company should be strongly and correctly profiled. Your brand identity represents your organization by conveying your vision, added values and driven passions. If these things are told in the right way to the various target groups, they will strengthen your branding and contribute to an attractive brand awareness among customers. This results in loyal customers and market growth. Test yourself: does your brand have a strong premise?

Advertising Registry

Presenting effective content to your target audience in a strategic manner is a minimum must for your business. When advertising reaches its target audience -whether consciously or unconsciously- you are investing in your future and that of your company! We agree on how much to publish and how often through which channel in order to achieve the most efficient impact possible.


Content marketing is a concept that is increasingly proving its worth within the total package of marketing. Content rules! A well thought-out approach always results in a solid positioning of your company in the medium and long term. When content and not only the packaging determines the basis for a solid growth of your company or project. Responding to the current market, requires first of all to understand the market and its target audience so that you can serve them with an appropriate marketing response!


Technology is evolving super fast and so are the platforms on which it thrives. Whether it is animation, 360 video, virtual reality or simple word processing, CNIP new media has built its expertise within the various sectors of marketing and technology.  We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies to ensure maximum impact for our clients. 

Follow Up

In addition to creating, producing and publishing, post-analysis has at least as great an impact on your successful marketing strategy. We analyze the set objectives in relation to the results achieved across the various media platforms. What viewing figures are for television, click and like behavior is the norm for marketing. Analysis and content adjustments are absolutely the key to success.


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