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Top 10 Marinas in the Netherlands and Belgium: Pearls of the Low Lands

The watery landscapes of the Netherlands and Belgium are a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts and yacht owners. With an overflow of marinas ranging from small-scale, cozy locations to luxurious, modern facilities, there's something for everyone. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the top 10 marinas in the Netherlands and Belgium and take you on a virtual tour of these gems of the Low Lands.

  1. Jachthaven Bruinisse (Netherlands). Located on Lake Grevelingen in Zeeland, Jachthaven Bruinisse offers excellent facilities and beautiful surroundings. This marina is ideal for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers and is close to the picturesque village of Bruinisse, where you can enjoy local delicacies and hospitality.

  2. Willemdok Marina (Belgium). In the heart of Antwerp you will find Willemdok Marina. Located within walking distance of the historic city center, this modern marina offers a perfect base for exploring the city. Enjoy the beautiful architecture, museums and culinary hotspots Antwerp has to offer.

  3. Jachthaven Hindeloopen (Netherlands). Located on the IJsselmeer, Jachthaven Hindeloopen offers picturesque and peaceful surroundings. This well-equipped marina is an ideal base to explore the historic town of Hindeloopen, with its characteristic wooden houses and narrow streets.

  4. Nieuwpoort Marina (Belgium). On the Belgian coast lies the modern Nieuwpoort Marina. This marina is perfect for sea lovers who want to enjoy the beach, dunes and the charming seaside town of Nieuwpoort. Here you can also participate in numerous water sports activities, such as sailing and windsurfing.

  5. Jachthaven Biesbosch (Netherlands). Located in the unique nature reserve of National Park De Biesbosch, Jachthaven Biesbosch offers a perfect base for exploring this maze of rivers, creeks and willow forests. The marina has modern facilities and is surrounded by an oasis of peace and nature.

  6. Zeebrugge Marina (Belgium). Zeebrugge Marina is the ideal place for those who want to explore the Belgian coast. With its modern facilities and location near lively Bruges, this marina offers a perfect combination of nature and culture.

  7. At the mouth of the Vecht River, near Amsterdam, lies Jachthaven Muiden. This historic marina is the perfect base to explore both the vibrant capital and the idyllic countryside. Visit the impressive Muiderslot castle and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the town of Muiden.



  8. Marina Cadzand-Bad (Belgium). On the coast of Zeeland Flanders you will find Marina Cadzand-Bad. This modern marina is close to the beautiful nature reserve Het Zwin and offers a range of water sports possibilities. Enjoy the long beaches and discover the nearby towns of Sluis and Knokke-Heist.

  9. Jachthaven Roompot Marina (Netherlands). In the heart of Zeeland lies Jachthaven Roompot Marina. This family-friendly marina offers excellent facilities and lies within a short distance of the North Sea beach and the Veerse Meer. Visit the nearby historic town of Veere or go cycling in the beautiful landscapes of Zeeland.

  10. Marina Ghent (Belgium). In the historic city of Ghent lies the charming Marina Ghent. Located on the Leie River, the marina offers a perfect base to explore the beautiful city. Admire the impressive architecture, visit the many museums and enjoy the burgundian lifestyle in this vibrant university town.

    The marinas in the Netherlands and Belgium each offer a unique experience, from picturesque villages and vibrant cities to breathtaking natural areas. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or looking for a relaxing vacation on the water, these top 10 marinas in the Low Lands are definitely worth a visit. Discover the pearls of the Netherlands and Belgium and be enchanted by the versatility and hospitality of this beautiful region.



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