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How to choose the perfect Hubspot partner

HubSpot is extremely smart marketing software that will make you more successful in marketing, sales and service. When you take advantage of the possibilities of this platform, you will be able to generate more quality leads, you will attract more satisfied customers and you will be able to build a long term and valuable relationship with leads and customers.

Wondering if HubSpot is right for you? You can read more about it here. CNIP is a Gold HubSpot Partner and will be happy to help you apply this marketing software successfully within your company.


Contents of this article:

What is HubSpot
How HubSpot works
HubSpot Inbound marketing
Eight advantages of HubSpot
What does a HubSpot partner do
CNIP new media is your HubSpot partner



HubSpot is a complete inbound marketing platform then helps companies attract visitors to their business, convert these visitors into leads and ultimately close the deals. The entire sales process, from stranger to the actual deal, can be fully monitored and influenced with this intuitive software. At the bottom of the line, you'll spend less time and money finding good leads for your business.

HubSpot is active in at least 90 countries and has more than 40,000 customers. This makes it by far the largest inbound marketing platform. We are very proud to be part of this platform with CNIP new media as HubSpot partner. Thanks to our efforts and the success we have achieved for our customers, we have been rewarded with the Gold HubSpot Partner label.


HubSpot is a software platform that helps commercial teams to efficiently direct more visitors to your website, create better leads and monitor customers to their satisfaction. This marketing tool consists of three main components:

  • The Marketing Automation platform: for more traffic and leads
  • Sales Professional: Sales tools for more efficient sales
  • Services: To keep customers happy for longer

In addition, HubSpot has its own CMS, a website system with all the advantages of an integrated content platform.


Unlike push marketing, where a brand, product is imposed and must create demand, HubSpot relies on the Inbound method. HubSpot is built around the idea that today's customers are researching products and services and want to decide for themselves when they want to take content. Inbound marketing is based on attracting customers who are already in demand for the product or service, but only need to know that you are there, and then they can be taken on the customer journey.


How HubSpot can help with your marketing goals: 

1. HubSpot is an all-in-one solution
It is of course undeniable that we like to tackle a problem with a simple solution. With the right tools you can make it easy for yourself. HubSpot simplifies achieving your marketing goals by combining all the tools you need from blogging to lead nurturing to analytics.

2. Take your social media to the next level
Social media has become an integral part of a modern inbound marketing strategy. It can only be difficult to carry out these activities in the daily hectic of a company and it is almost impossible to keep a consistent flow of communication going, with which it obviously loses its strength. The secret is to make sure that you plan tweets or posts ahead and that they are automatically posted on social media while you are busy yourself. HubSpot has a great social media calendar and scheduling system, so managing your social media is a piece of cake.

3. HubSpot takes monitoring and converting leads to the next level
There will probably not be any company that is just concerned with generating, tracking and converting leads. Ultimately, good leads lead to sales and that makes them vital for any amount of money that wants to grow. HubSpot comes with a whole arsenal of weapons to generate leads, nurturing, tracking and converting them into buyers. With HubSpot tools you can track how a visitor got to your site, what search engines they used, what they viewed on your site and how long they stayed. All very important information to optimize your site.

4. SEO becomes easy
SEO is a real challenge. Complicated data needs to be analyzed to get everything right. A major obstacle on the road to success. HubSpot comes up with the right tools to follow up keywords and get higher up in search engines.

5. Manage your website with Hubspot CMS
With Hubspot CMS everyone can make adjustments to a website. You don't need to hire a specialized IT professional or an agency for it. You can create new pages, add modules and place content effortlessly.

6. HubSpot has an integrated CRM
The CRM functionality in HubSpot ensures better relationship management. By integrating with your social media accounts and website, it becomes possible to keep track of who the visitors to your website are and what they are looking for there. This provides you with very valuable information.

7. Who writes, who stays
In the world of Inbound marketing, everything revolves around content. Content is king. With HubSpot, you can create articles for your blog and schedule them ahead. Your website stays up to date and you can focus on your daily activities. 
HubSpot: measuring is knowing

8. With Data-driven marketing you can take a big step forward. HubSpot supports you in collecting all the data you need to optimize your marketing and sales process and thus provide you with a very good ROI.



HubSpot offers a company enormous opportunities and possibilities to grow through the use of inbound marketing. Although it is certainly possible to work independently with the package and do the management yourself, working with a HubSpot partner offers many advantages.


1. A HubSpot partner knows the system like the back of his hand

Setting up HubSpot, the on-boarding process, can be quite overwhelming. Your data may need to be transferred from a previous CRM. You will have to set up the inbound method to generate new leads and sales. It takes time to get to know the system. Especially when things like campaigns, landing pages and automated email sequences need to be set up. Instead of having someone in your organization do this, or recruiting someone to do this, hiring a HubSpot partner will save you time and money.

HubSpot partners are recognized for their knowledge of the software and can provide solid support to the marketing and sales teams within your organization.

Although HubSpot also has its own support team, a HubSpot partner can provide you with more customization as they get to know your business.


2. Learn how to get the most out of HubSpot

The software has many possibilities. From segmentation to setting up automatic follow-ups and a-mails. By using the knowledge of a HubSpot partner, you will get tips that will not only save you a lot of time, but also help you to use the maximum potential.


3. Business Intelligence

HubSpot delivers a lot of data within the marketing and sales dashboards. To ensure that your inbound campaigns get the most out of your campaigns, you can use the knowledge of a HubSpot partner. A knowledgeable agency can help you set measurable goals and provide you with tips to monitor and measure the processes.


4. Guidance in optimizing inbound campaigns

Only if you invest enough time in setting up an inbound campaign can you maximize ROI. From developing Buyer Persona's to optimizing conversion ratios. Companies that are new to Inbound Marketing are better off with a little help setting up campaigns, it will lead to a better ROI.


5. Reach your goals faster

Most likely you have certain conversion targets. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to work with a partner who understands how Inbound Marketing works and has experience in setting it up.






Being a HubSpot partner involves a lot more than just setting up the platform and putting a nice badge on the site. We are very proud that our hard work is appreciated by our customers and by HubSpot. CNIP new media works with HubSpot on a daily basis. We build websites, create content, do social media marketing, strengthen well-known brands and support our customers in optimizing their sales activities. We know HubSpot through and through. We can read and write with the system. We are convinced that with our knowledge of HubSpot we can make the difference for our customers. 

Above all, we believe in the possibilities and opportunities that the HubSpot platform and Content Marketing has to offer for your business. And hopefully a step further with choosing your HubSpot partner.

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