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How using HubSpot for RevOps can maximize your company’s potential

In the era of social media and consumer review websites, brands cannot expect to satisfy the lofty demands of their customers with product and pricing alone. Customer experience is every bit as important when it comes to maintaining a strong brand reputation and turning customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Customer experience might be one of the hottest buzzwords in the business world, yet many brands are struggling to keep up. One of the reasons for this is that the traditional approach, whereby each business department has its own operations team, persists in many companies. In such environments, the priorities of sales, marketing, and support teams are established by the leaders of their respective departments. This naturally results in operational siloes whereby mission-critical business functions fail to align with one another. When that happens, customer experience is often the first to suffer.



How RevOps solves the problem

To eliminate operational siloes in your business and, consequently, deliver a more streamlined customer experience, organizations must achieve the seamless collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Revenue operations, or RevOps, refers to the centralized approach to consolidating these traditionally siloed business functions. As such, RevOps is a single department intended to serve the needs of all revenue-generating business activities.

RevOps is not a specific technology solution, but rather the practice of unifying your internal operations. It drives full-funnel accountability by connecting people, information, and functions. Technology, however, naturally plays a key role in that process. With a unified technology environment, you can bring all revenue-related data together under a single interconnected platform, such as HubSpot. This involves setting up a universal system of record to achieve seamless interoperability between sales, marketing, and support.


How to implement RevOps

Implementing RevOps begins with establishing the processes necessary to foster a culture of collaboration and accountability throughout your organization. After all, sales, marketing, and customer support teams all have one main thing in common – their operations directly impact customer experience and, in turn, revenue.


With the necessary processes in place, the next step is to choose a platform to connect and align your data and technology. One of the core concepts of RevOps is having all stakeholders able to access the same information, as opposed to maintaining multiple databases across disconnected technology environments. By using a platform like HubSpot to provide a single source of truth (SSoT) for sales, marketing, and support teams, everyone involved in customer experience can identify how their operations impact, either directly or indirectly, the company’s revenue. As such, all teams have visibility into the entire customer journey.

The final pillar of RevOps is to choose the people responsible for managing your processes and platforms. Larger organizations may have a dedicated RevOps team that oversees all the operations of sales, marketing, and support. However, this is typically not feasible for smaller businesses. In such cases, the other main options are either to distribute the responsibilities across your existing teams or outsource RevOps to a third party. Outsourcing your RevOps to a certified HubSpot partner is the most affordable solution, and it offers far greater scalability compared to building up your in-house team.



How will RevOps shape the future of sales?

Digital marketing can no longer happen in a bubble, and that is something HubSpot is well aware off. Having a strong, centralized customer experience program requires the seamless alignment of sales, marketing, and support and the ability of each of these functions to better understand the needs of the customer and where they are in the sales pipeline.

With an industry-leading digital marketing platform like HubSpot at your disposal, you will be better prepared to coordinate your operations, make informed decisions, and deliver the world-class experience customers demand.


CNIP New Media is a Gold HubSpot partner. We help you master the leading RevOps platform to achieve seamless alignment between sales, marketing, and customer service. Request a demo today to find out how it works.


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