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A predictive analysis for Flanders' kitchen and interior industry

Marketing voor de keukenindustrie

We can expect that the demand for new homes and renovations of existing homes in the construction industry will continue to rise. The kitchen industry and interior construction will likely continue to benefit from a growing trend in home cooking and improved living standards.

Marketing voor de keukenindustrie

Based on recent figures and trends, kitchen construction and interior design in Belgium appears to be showing stable growth. According to figures from the Confederation Construction and Trends Gazelles, there is an increasing demand for renovation and furnishing of kitchens and interiors, especially in Flanders. There is also an increase in the number of self-employed interior and kitchen builders in Belgium.

The number of companies active in kitchen construction and interior construction in Flanders may vary depending on the source and the exact difference between the two sectors. According to Graydon, a total of 5,855 companies were active in the "Manufacture of kitchen furniture" sector in 2020, most of which were located in Flanders (4,183 companies). For the "Manufacture of other furniture" sector, which includes interior design, there were a total of 10,710 companies, of which 6,955 were located in Flanders. However, it is important to note that not all of these companies focus entirely on kitchen and interior construction. Source:

As an entrepreneur, the opportunity to grow with this trend is best worked out in a strategic growth plan. Just as you develop a building plan for your interior or a new kitchen, this is also necessary for your business.

A strategic growth plan for the kitchen industry and construction industry in Flanders starts with a detailed market research to identify where the biggest opportunities lie and where the biggest challenges are.

This will allow you to make targeted adjustments to your product portfolio and ensure that it matches current and future market trends. Next, it is important to collaborate with key players in the construction and real estate industry, such as construction companies, real estate developers, architects and interior designers.

Developing a strong and recognizable brand will set you apart from your competitors. Investing in marketing and sales strategies, along with a good financial plan, ensures that you are able to finance the growth of your business. Continuous improvement is also key, so that you are always up-to-date on the latest developments and adjust your growth plan as needed.

As you note, everything depends on a thorough market research. A specific market research for the need for new kitchens in Flanders depends on many factors and can change over time. However, if you want to perform market research, start by gathering data on sales of new kitchens in Flanders.

You can also collect data on the construction of new houses and renovations of existing houses in Flanders, as this can be an indication of future demand for new kitchens. You can also collect information on the economic growth of Flanders and how this may affect sales of new kitchens. For example, the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) publishes an annual report on the energy renovation rate of Flemish homes. In addition, Statistics Flanders publishes data on the number of building permits given for renovation projects and the number of renovation premiums applied for.

Furthermore, you can do surveys and interviews with consumers in Flanders to understand their current and future plans for kitchen renovations, their expectations, budgets, and preferences. This will give you more insight into the specific needs and requirements of consumers.

It is also important to research the competitive landscape of the kitchen industry in Flanders and trends in terms of products, prices, and marketing strategies.

Keep in mind that market research can be a time-consuming and costly activity, and we can certainly help you further with our marketing specialty if you don't have the right resources or skills.

As an agency, we have gained a wealth of experience helping companies in the kitchen and interior design industry, a highly competitive sector. Do you also want to take your business to the next level and stay ahead of your competitors? Then contact us and find out how we can help you achieve your goals. Together, we can help your business grow and prosper in this challenging market.



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