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30 marketing tips to improve your social media

Find out how to improve your social media and strengthen your marketing strategy with the help of these handy marketing tips.


A strong brand identity on social media is essential for building a successful online presence. Make sure you are consistent with your brand message and visual elements across all your social media channels. Use your logo, colour scheme and font to make your brand recognisable. Tell your story and communicate your values so that your target audience can build a strong connection with your brand.

It is also important to express your brand personality on social media. Be authentic and human in your communication. Show your expertise and share valuable information with your followers. By being consistent and building a strong brand identity, you increase the chances that people will recognise and trust your brand.


Visual content is very effective on social media. People are attracted to visual elements and are more likely to view and share posts with images or videos. Make use of high-quality images, infographics, GIFs and videos to make your posts more appealing.

It is also important to consider the different social media platforms and their specific requirements for visual content. Optimise your images and videos for each platform so that they look and perform well. Experiment with different types of visual content to discover what works best for your target audience.


An engaged community on social media is valuable for increasing your reach and building brand loyalty. Don't just focus on garnering followers, build a community that is actively engaged with your brand.

Encourage interaction and engagement by asking questions, creating polls and starting discussions. Respond to comments and posts from your followers and thank them for their support. Organise competitions and give away prizes to increase engagement. By building an engaged community, you increase the chances of your followers sharing and recommending your posts to others.


Hashtags are a powerful tool to increase your reach on social media. They help categorise your posts and make them visible to people interested in specific topics. Use relevant hashtags that relate to your post and target audience.

Research popular hashtags in your industry and add them to your posts. But be selective and only use hashtags that are really relevant. Too many hashtags can make your posts cluttered and damage your credibility. Experiment with different hashtags and analyse which ones work best for your target audience.


It is important to regularly analyse and optimise your social media results. Monitor your performance, such as the number of followers, reach, engagement and conversions. Identify which posts are performing well and which not so well.

Use these insights to adjust your social media strategy. Try different approaches, content types and timings to discover what works best. Keep monitoring your results and optimise your strategy based on feedback from your target audience. By continuously analysing and optimising, you can improve your social media performance and strengthen your marketing strategy.

Here are 30 handy tips you can use and apply immediately to improve your social media and strengthen your marketing strategy.

1. Have a clear and concise profile on all your social media channels.

2. Use eye-catching and professional profile photos and cover photos.

3. Make use of a catchy and relevant description of your brand on your social media channels.

4. Post new and interesting content regularly to keep your followers engaged.

5. Vary your content types, such as images, videos, infographics and text posts.

6. Use storytelling to share your brand story and create an emotional connection.

7. Don't forget to thank your followers for their support and interaction.

8. Respond quickly and professionally to questions and comments from your followers.

9. Use social media scheduling tools to plan your posts ahead and stay consistent.

10. Analyse your social media statistics to see which posts perform best.

11. Experiment with different times to post and find out when your target audience is most active.

12. Use colourful and attractive visuals to grab your followers' attention.

13. Use short and catchy captions with your images and videos.

14. Use influencers to promote your brand and increase your reach.

15. Share valuable and useful information that is relevant to your target audience.

16. Use emojis to make your messages lively and playful.

17. Remember to maintain brand consistency across all your social media posts.

18. Use hashtags that are relevant to your target audience and your brand.

19. Use user-generated content to increase engagement.

20. Organise live videos or Q&A sessions to engage directly with your followers.

21. Offer exclusive discounts or offers to your followers to reward them.

22. Collaborate with other brands or companies to expand your reach.

23. Use social media advertising to increase your reach and visibility.

24. Harness the power of influencer marketing to increase your brand awareness.

25. Take into account the latest trends and developments on social media and adjust your strategy accordingly.

26. Keep abreast of the latest algorithm updates of social media platforms and optimise your strategy accordingly.

27. Monitor your competitors' activities on social media and learn from their success.

28. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach your target audience.

29. Consider setting up a blog and sharing your blog posts on social media.

30. Engage your followers by asking them for their opinions or feedback.

And a few more bonus tips

31. Give your followers a look behind the scenes of your business to build a personal connection.

32. Use influencer takeovers to provide your followers with new and interesting content.

33. Make use of Instagram stories to update your followers daily on your activities.

34. Use social media to promote events and promotions.

35. Use social media analytics tools to measure and improve your performance.

36. Optimise your social media profiles for search engines to generate more organic traffic.

37. Harness the power of social media to improve your customer service.

38. Create a social media calendar to plan your posts and campaigns.

39. Make use of geotargeting.


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