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10 killer ideas to run on Facebook

When you are looking to build your audience and drive traffic to your Facebook page, one of the best things that you can do it to run a Facebook contest. Besides, this is also a great way to engage with your fans.

In case you just have no idea where to start or if you run out of ideas, just keep reading.  

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#1: A Quiz Contest:

A quiz can get a lot of traction and allows you to show your website to your fans at the same time.  

All you need to do is to create a quiz on your website and share the link on your Facebook page. When users click the link, they go to your website, fill out the quiz, and then go back to your Facebook page and post their score.


#2: A Q&A Contest:

This is another easy contest that you can tun on Facebook. You just need to come up with a question and the best one or the correct one wins.


#3: Caption This Photo:

In case you already did the like this photo to win contest, then you really need to consider this contest instead. Ultimately, this allows your fans to share a bit of their personality. Besides, everyone will love to see the new entries.


#4: Fan Of The Week Contest:

Why not allow your fans to get some exposure as well? All you need to do is to ask them to submit a video or a photo and then pick the best one.


#5: A Video Contest:

People love videos. So, this is a great opportunity to drive more people to your Facebook page as well as to improve your engagement and branding at the same time.  

Notice that for video contests, you may allow your fans to only use Facebook Lives or you can allow them to use pre-recorded videos as well.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind about this contest is that these may be a bit difficult to implement. However, there are some tools on the market that can help you.


#6: A Facebook Live Contest:

Facebook Live is incredibly popular. So, you can definitely take advantage of it to generate some buzz around your contest.

So, you can consider a Facebook Live announcement of the contest right at the beginning and ask your fans to stick with you until the end where you will be stating how they can enter.

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#7: An Instant-Win Contest:

While this may be something difficult for smaller companies, this is the kind of contest that gets a lot of engagement. After all, it's an instant win.


#8: Favorite Photo Contest:

For this contest, you should ask your fans to submit their photos and then allow them to vote for the best one. This may lead the participants to ask their family members and friends to vote on their photos, boosting your page likes as well as on-page engagement.


#9: Fill In The Blank Contest:

If your target audience loves challenges and things that make them think, then this is the right contest for you.

You just need to think about a paragraph or a sentence and then ask your fans to fill it out with their own perspective.


#10: Ask A Simple Question:

In case this is the first contest you are running or if you want to set it up fast, then just ask an enticing question.


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