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on the highest level of European gastronomic excellence!


In addition to the well-known mastery and genius at home and abroad of three-star chef Peter Goosens, CNIP new media develops daily, far from all the limelight, the secret social media recipe that proudly contributes to the success of the Hof Van Cleve! We also support the restaurant as the only Belgian restaurant with the unique mix of content and strategy.

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Video is an essential component in social media marketing. Passionate about perfection like a star chef, CNIP digital agency takes the success story of the Hof Van Cleve to the next level that makes your mouth water.
#robust teamwork & video production



Strategy definition and storytelling
Creation of videos and photos.
Managing the online platforms for Hof van Cleve 
creating engagement among users


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Peter Goossens owner best restaurant in Belgium

Peter Goossens

Owner best restaurant in Belgium and for us the best in the world.