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Top 10 mistakes companies make with social media marketing

As a small business owner, you are perfectly aware that resources are scarce. And we're not only talking about money; we're also talking about time and even staff. So, you need to ensure that you are a bit more creative. 

As you know, social media can be a powerful tool to market your business. However, we keep seeing many businesses making the same mistakes over and over again on social media. And these will only lead to a complete waste of time and resources. 


10 Mistakes Small Businesses Need To Avoid On Social Media

#1: No Lead Generation Strategy:

Generating more leads is usually one of the main goals of business owners. And Facebook can be a great vehicle. However, you need to have a broader strategy and not be only dependent on Facebook. So, make sure that you also use your website, for example, to get new leads. 

#2: Too Many Posts:

One of the mistakes we see many businesses doing is that they keep posting and posting and posting. When you are using Facebook, for example, you shouldn't publish more than 5 posts a day. If possible, you should spread them throughout the day. On the other hand, if you're using Twitter, you can Twit 10 to 15 times a day. Ultimately, you need to pay attention to the "rules" of the social media platform that you are using. 

#3: No Posts At All:

While you should exaggerate with the posts you publish, you need to have some content on your social media accounts. 

 The main idea is to have a content strategy that you can execute in the medium term. At least, you should aim to post once a day.

 #4: Only Using Automation:

There's no question that automation makes things a lot simpler and faster. And when you are short on staff or time, automation may seem the perfect solution. However, automation also has a limit. 

 #5: Pay Attention To What You Post:

It's natural to see a meme that you want to share or maybe a cute image of a cat. However, you have to be in control of your emotions. While you can definitely share one of these once in a while, you shouldn't do it on a consistent basis. Instead, you should focus on your content strategy and business goals. 

#6: It's Not Just Building A Page:

You keep reading and listening to what you need to do to make your pages on social media platforms beautiful and attractive. From adding a special cover photo to a tag to your business, among so many other tips and tricks. However, your work hasn't even begun. Besides having a content strategy, you should ensure that you occasionally change your profile image or cover photo and that you keep engaging with your users daily. 

 #7: Inconsistent Branding:

A very common mistake that many business owners make s to have a color scheme on their websites and a completely different one of their social media pages. And this occurs even between different social media platforms. As soon as users visit them, they don't even realize they are on your business page. Users simply don't recognize your brand. So, make sure that you get consistent branding. 

 #8: Not Thinking On The Long-Term:

Social media is too powerful to not be considered in your long-term goals. This means that you have to work on it. You need to keep publishing, sharing, commenting, liking, engaging. 

#9: Too Many Platforms:

Another very common mistake business owners do is that since they want to have a strong online presence, they open accounts in as many social platforms they can find. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, FourSquare, CircleMe, YouTube, MySpace, among others. Instead of wasting time on them all, a far better strategy is to simply pick one or two at most. Learn them, embrace them, and make them a part of your business. 

#10: Don't Pick Your Answers:

Social media is a great tool not only to generate leads and sales but also to engage with your visitors. So, you should always answer all the questions and comments that are made on your social media pages. Yes, you don't need to answer in just 5 minutes. You may take 1 day to answer. But make sure that you do it every single time. 

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