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Trust us,
branding matters

How do you perceive the image of your business?
Do target audiences respond well when they see your name and logo?
Is it time to update the look and feel of your brand?
When leaving a lasting impression, nothing is more important than having a strong brand identity, especially given that people have shorter attention spans than ever. As a result, businesses have less time – amid more competitors – to stand out from the crowd, generate intrigue, and inspire action.

The solution: an eye-catching brand that looks good (and feels even better).


More than just a logo

Various elements make up a brand’s identity, including an appealing logo, a unique name,
a catchy slogan, and the correct tone of voice.

Together, they have the potential to transform a brand from indistinguishable to memorable,
with businesses able to enjoy the following benefits:

CNIP new media

Build customer loyalty

What better way to prove to customers you care than a brand they know and love, are interested in staying up to date with, and want to refer to others?

CNIP new media

Enhances growth potential

People worldwide recognise the McDonald’s brand, with its yellow logo and famous slogan. Why not establish your business with a similarly effective identity?

Cnip New Media

Motivates people to buy 

To remain competitive, the regular launch of new products and services is a must. Have you created a brand image that inspires customers to keep coming back?




Print & logo design


van dender logo design



Branding makes the world (of business) go round

CNIP collaborates with small and large businesses alike, serving their every specific branding need.
Here is how it works:

To begin with, we will conduct a thorough audit of your existing brand identity.

Our team will discover the elements that are working well, and which areas could be improved.

After the audit, CNIP will work with you to identify the ‘why’ behind your brand.

This step is a prime opportunity to consider the wider mission and vision of your business.

What sets you apart from the competition, from your logo to the brand name?

Together, we will start devising an identity that highlights and celebrates your uniqueness.

The final stage is to explore and integrate your brand’s purpose into its identity.

This may sound complex, but do not worry – our branding specialists are here to assist.


Leave it to the professionals

Expert CNIP


Backed by over 20 years’ experience, the CNIP team knows what it takes to plan, devise, and launch a robust brand identity.

No matter how original or complex the nature of your business is, we can help.

Ondersteuning CNIP


We understand that sometimes, it can be difficult to translate the passion you have for your brand into words.

That is where we come in, converting your overarching vision into an iconic identity.

Succes CNIP


From working with CNIP, you will end up with a recognisable and respected brand that consumers enjoy interacting with.

We are also happy to help update and refresh your identity in the future!

Is your brand ready to undergo an identity transformation?

If so, CNIP would love to hear from you! Please get in touch via one of the contact methods below, and a member of our branding team will do their best to respond within 24 hours.


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